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  • “Thank you for a job well done and I look forward to working with WS Nielsen on future projects."

  • “From the very first telephone call to you right down to receiving the invoice for the skylight, my experience with your company has been nothing b more

  • You are our installer of choice, and we want to continue to build this relationship. Any time we have a project and we can use you guys, we most definitely more

  • “On every project we have worked together, they have proven to be true professionals.”

  • “I thank you for everything you did to make this element of the project a success for us, and look forward to working with you again in the future. more

  • “The attention to detail and quality of the project provided by W.S. Nielsen Co. was excellent.  From the bid process, submittals, approvals a more

  • “Your ability to work in conjunction with the other subcontractor’s while remaining flexible to any schedule impacts they may have created to more

  • "The structural glass wall looks just great. Brian Newell of C.D. Moody and I were very impressed with Joe and the crew from W.S. Nielsen, as well. We t more

  • “It is rare to receive this level of attention in today’s fast paced construction market.”

  • “The successful completion of this project could not have been possible if not for the cooperation, hard work and commitment of Subcontractors such more

  • “From bid day through completion of the skylight installation the W.S. Nielsen Company Team performed their work in a timely and professional manne more

  • “W.S. Nielsen Company and their employees are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and operate with the highest level of integrity, completing pr more

  • “I would recommend W.S. Nielsen Co. for any future projects and they are truly a leader in their field.”   - Brad Williams, Dabbs-Wil more

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at W.S. Nielsen Co. for the hard work and professionalism that went into the CONRA more

  • "Your crew installed the final panel this morning - completed in 7 days when I think we had planned on 10 and did not expect to see them done until Frid more

  • “I cannot think of any other subcontractor with which I would rather work with regard to their professionalism, their technical knowledge and their more

  • "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort by Ian Strickland in helping me procure a replacement Britolite circular dome skylight. more

  • “We found that each member of your company expressed a good, solid work ethic that was consistent with concern for quality and timeliness.” more

  • “We commend your company for its outstanding quality workmanship, on-time service record and model safety program.”

  • “The timely paperwork, attention to detail, superb project management and the quality installation crew sets WS Nielsen apart from other subcontrac more

  • “This preparation up front and your well trained installers provided for a quickly and properly installed skylight.” - Mark Christianson, more

  • “Extraneously, I have to compliment you and your company – I’ve worked with WS Nielsen in the past and EVERYONE has always been excepti more

  • “Please consider W.S. Nielsen Company for any projects you may have. You will find that their quality and service will exceed your expectations.&rd more

  • “Again, thank you for a remarkable job and we look forward to working with you again soon.” - B. Steve White, Skanska

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with the W.S. Nielsen Company on the west re- glazing at CNN Center.  The W.S. Nielsen Company has again found more

  • “I want to especially commend you for recognizing the potential problems with the translucent skylight system and your recommendations for solving more

  • “We consider the W.S. Nielsen Company to be one of the very best skylight installation subcontractors in the industry.” -Joseph Schultheis more

  • “When I am in need of a skylight, I will certainly contact you and I will most certainly recommend your company to any and everyone I know.” more

  • “It has been a pleasure doing business with your team and I look forward to opportunities to have WS Nielsen on our project teams in the future.&rd more

  • “From pre-construction through punch out, the W.S. Nielsen Company consistently provides excellent service and a quality installation.” - more

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Installation Services

Service is what separates us from the competition! The W.S. Nielsen Company's full-time service department supplements our design and installation services, providing our customers with turn-key solutions to their Skylight and Specialty Architectural needs.       

W.S. Nielsen Company provides complete certified, professional installation services on our turn-key projects. We also provide installation-only services to the country's leading specialty product manufacturers, contractors and regional product representatives.

W.S. Nielsen Company is proud of our commitment to construction installation performance
through The WSN Core Values.



WSN's Construction Department Core Values


The commitment of the W.S. Nielsen Company to SafetyQuality, and Productivity assures the long-term success and profitability of our company, and further strengthens the valued relationships with our suppliers and customers.

1. Safety
*Provide a safe and dynamic workplace for all crew members.

*Provide training for safe practices and policies for work conditions at WSN facilities.  WSN transportation and WSN project worksite conditions.
*Manage safe practices of daily and project specific conditions through meetings and documentation to assure safety accountability of all crew members at all times.
*Provide the highest standard in trucks, tools, and equipment to assure safe working conditions.
*Provide each crew employee with safety equipment/bag including PFAS(personal fall arrest system), full body safety harness, double shock absorbing lanyard, 100 ft safety rope, rope grab, cross-arm strap and hard hat.
*Provide and additional safety equipment necessary for project specific safety needs.
*Demand commitment of all WSN crew employees to completely understand, agree to and practice all WSN Safety Policies and OSHA safety requirements at all times.

2. Quality
*Demand commitment of all employees to provide our customers the highest level of quality workmanship, service and professionalism.

*Demand this same commitment of quality from our suppliers/vendors and extend the highest level of professionalism to these suppliers to assure our commitment of quality to our customers.
*Provide continued training to all crew members to understand systems, practices, and procedures to allow for high quality workmanship.
*Provide a path for all crew members to grow both personally and professionally within the W.S. Nielsen Company.
* Assure all required documentation and information is provided to field crews for inventory of supplied materials and conformity to design and proper installation.
*Provide the highest standard in trucks, tools, and equipment to assure our commitment to quality workmanship and professionalism.
*Address problems and issues that arise with honesty and integrity to best provide resolution that allows for high customer satisfaction.

3. Productivity
*Assure commitment to our customers to work efficiently at all times with continuous regard for safety and quality.

*Provide the highest standard in trucks, tools, and equipment to assure our commitment to maximizing productivity.
*Demand communication between field crews and mgmt./administration staff for means and methods for improving productivity.