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  • “We consider the W.S. Nielsen Company to be one of the very best skylight installation subcontractors in the industry.” -Joseph Schultheis more

  • “The attention to detail and quality of the project provided by W.S. Nielsen Co. was excellent.  From the bid process, submittals, approvals a more

  • “This preparation up front and your well trained installers provided for a quickly and properly installed skylight.” - Mark Christianson, more

  • “We found that each member of your company expressed a good, solid work ethic that was consistent with concern for quality and timeliness.” more

  • "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort by Ian Strickland in helping me procure a replacement Britolite circular dome skylight. more

  • “I would recommend W.S. Nielsen Co. for any future projects and they are truly a leader in their field.”   - Brad Williams, Dabbs-Wil more

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with the W.S. Nielsen Company on the west re- glazing at CNN Center.  The W.S. Nielsen Company has again found more

  • “I thank you for everything you did to make this element of the project a success for us, and look forward to working with you again in the future. more

  • “W.S. Nielsen Company and their employees are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and operate with the highest level of integrity, completing pr more

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at W.S. Nielsen Co. for the hard work and professionalism that went into the CONRA more

  • "Your crew installed the final panel this morning - completed in 7 days when I think we had planned on 10 and did not expect to see them done until Frid more

  • “On every project we have worked together, they have proven to be true professionals.”

  • “Again, thank you for a remarkable job and we look forward to working with you again soon.” - B. Steve White, Skanska

  • “It has been a pleasure doing business with your team and I look forward to opportunities to have WS Nielsen on our project teams in the future.&rd more

  • “I cannot think of any other subcontractor with which I would rather work with regard to their professionalism, their technical knowledge and their more

  • “From the very first telephone call to you right down to receiving the invoice for the skylight, my experience with your company has been nothing b more

  • “The timely paperwork, attention to detail, superb project management and the quality installation crew sets WS Nielsen apart from other subcontrac more

  • “We commend your company for its outstanding quality workmanship, on-time service record and model safety program.”

  • “From bid day through completion of the skylight installation the W.S. Nielsen Company Team performed their work in a timely and professional manne more

  • “Extraneously, I have to compliment you and your company – I’ve worked with WS Nielsen in the past and EVERYONE has always been excepti more

  • “From pre-construction through punch out, the W.S. Nielsen Company consistently provides excellent service and a quality installation.” - more

  • You are our installer of choice, and we want to continue to build this relationship. Any time we have a project and we can use you guys, we most definitely more

  • “It is rare to receive this level of attention in today’s fast paced construction market.”

  • “The successful completion of this project could not have been possible if not for the cooperation, hard work and commitment of Subcontractors such more

  • “Your ability to work in conjunction with the other subcontractor’s while remaining flexible to any schedule impacts they may have created to more

  • “Please consider W.S. Nielsen Company for any projects you may have. You will find that their quality and service will exceed your expectations.&rd more

  • “I want to especially commend you for recognizing the potential problems with the translucent skylight system and your recommendations for solving more

  • “Thank you for a job well done and I look forward to working with WS Nielsen on future projects."

  • “When I am in need of a skylight, I will certainly contact you and I will most certainly recommend your company to any and everyone I know.” more

  • "The structural glass wall looks just great. Brian Newell of C.D. Moody and I were very impressed with Joe and the crew from W.S. Nielsen, as well. We t more

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News and awards

Brighter is Better: New Daylighting System at GA Public Radio


Brighter is Better: New Daylighting System at

GA Public Radio‚Äč

As a daylighting expert, Specialty Contractor, WSNielsen won the bid to replace the skylights at Georgia Public Broadcasting

Two monumental skylights measuring 16’x44’ and 16’x 98’ needed to be removed from the building and replaced with a more advanced daylighting system.  The original skylights were showing their age (20+ years) and Georgia Broadcasting wanted to increase light levels in the atrium.

A study by Herschong Mahone determined that natural light increases office productivity in employees by 15%, while at the same time decreasing absenteeism by 15%.   Georgia Broadcasting will certainly get the benefits of these skylights for years to come.

With atrium skylights (5 floors up), there are always construction challenges.  This installation occurred over a live site whereby WSNielsen opened the building up to the elements.  Scaffolding was installed over the skylights to allow for a temporary roof system, ensuring the building was always dried in and protected.


The new atrium daylight system featbres an integral weep system. This smart system is designed to capture any internal condensation and channel it down the sill and onto the roof of the building – a brilliant way of ensuring no leaks. Another big advantage is of course, the new skylights produce high quality light, captured effectively… even on cloudy days.  Brighter is Better – another successful skylight replacement by WSNielsen!


Happy Holidays From Everyone at W.S. Nielsen!




Enjoy time with  Friends and Family this Holiday Season... And Remember... Safety First!


#FlashBackFriday Bogan Park Aquatic Center 2013



Bogan Park Aquatic Center

W.S. Nielsen completed the renovation at Bogan Park Aquatic Center in Buford, GA back in 2013. The roof assembly and the wall panels are made up of CPI Daylighting’s Quad-Wall System, providing diffused, full spectrum daylighting for the pool area.  Which before was riddled with dim, moldy fiberglass panels that let very little daylight in.


Because CPI’s translucent panels weigh less than a pound per square foot, W.S. Nielsen was able to utilize the existing structure for the new roof and wall panels.  This ultimately cut down on installation time and total costs to the owner.

CPI Daylighting’s Quad-Wall System was chosen because the system uses modern materials that are dry glazed.  This leaves the owner with an aesthetically beautiful finish that requires no sealant or surface maintenance.


Bogan Park Aquatic Center is open to the public and is looking more beautiful than ever! 
Come take a dip!


W.S. Nielsen Receives Multiple ABC Awards


W.S. Nielsen Receives Multiple ABC Awards

W.S. Nielsen is proud to have once again earned the Diamond Level STEP Award for Safety in 2016, and the 2016 Award for Safety Excellence, in Georgia.  We are more than grateful to be honored at both the state and national levels for our commitment to working safely.  All of this could not be acheived without the relentless efforts of all of our employees to put safety first.  


The W.S. Nielsen Company was also recognized with an Award of Merit in the 2016 ABC Excellence in Construction Awards.  The Award of Merit was received for the Phipps Plaza Renovation Project. 

The W.S. Nielsen Company would like the thank The ABC of Georgia for their countless efforts put forth to make all these awards a reality.   


Education: What is a Structural Glass Wall System?


What is a Structural Glass Wall System?

Structural Glass Walls are trending now and have been for the last decade.  With at least 500 structural glass projects that are being built throughout the US on a yearly basis; this industry trend is only getting more popular.  The seamless and fully transparent look that Structural Glass Walls bring to the facade of a building can be truly epic and eye opening.  Let’s take a quick tour in the world of Structural Glass Walls, so we can better understand these systems as they invade our projects and buildings. 
To keep it simple, we will break down Structural Glass Walls into three categories defined by the support structure of the system.  These categories are: Steel Structure Supported, Cable Net Supported, and Glass Fin Supported. 

Let’s start by discussing Steel Supported Structural Glass Walls

This glass wall system is fully supported by a steel structure on the interior of the façade.  All of your loads from the glass wall will be burdened by the steel structure. 


The connection between the glass wall and steel structure can be achieved utilizing several different types of fittings.   These systems provide unequalled flexibility in the design of façades, stair cases, handrails, canopies, and overhead glass systems.


Next, let’s look at the best option for blast applications, the Cable Net Structural Glass Wall Systems.


Cable net structural glass systems eliminate the need for conventional support structures by utilizing pre-tensioned cables. These systems enable the design of highly transparent façades and blast resistant applications. Cables can be arrayed in various geometric patterns and curvature configurations. 


Changing from a steel column or beam, to a steel cable limits our span capabilities between cables (or columns) to 6’ max.  Although we cannot achieve large 9’ gaps between columns like the steel supported system, reduction in the overall amount of support structure gives us a more transparent look, especially from the interior.

Lastly, let’s look at Glass Fin Structural Glass Walls

Glass fin walls and overhead applications are designed to utilize glass as the main structural support element. Used for large façade applications and storefronts, glass fin walls provide a highly transparent and cost-effective structural glass solution.


Glass fin supported walls can absorb large loads and building displacement without compromising structural integrity.  Glass Fin Walls are the closest to complete façade transparency as you will find in a wall system.

 Structural Glass Wall Systems are relatively new to the construction industry, but that is rapidly changing.  Now, more than ever, we are seeing structural glass walls become a part of new building design, and renovations of existing structures.  It is as clear as a glass fin wall; structural glass is here to stay.


WSN and RCA's Extreme Bedroom Makeover


WSN and Ron Clark Academy's Extreme Bedroom Makeover

W.S. Nielsen participated in another Ron Clark Academy “Extreme Bedroom Makeover” this year.   This year’s room belongs to Morgan Usher, a twelve year-old student at the Ron Clark Academy.  Morgan dreams of being an orthopedic surgeon when she grows up, so W.S. Nielsen and JE Dunn Construction set out to turn her bedroom into a doctor’s office.

The design also needed to incorporate a new laptop and television,
which will help Morgan stay connected to school and the latest news in medicine!


Sergio, Alicia, and Miguel, in conjunction with JE Dunn employees, all worked through the weekend to make this girl’s dream a reality.


The end result is a clinical display of craftsmanship that is sure to leave Morgan’s new patients healthy and happy!

W.S. Nielsen Replaces the CNN Center's U.S. Flag!


W.S. Nielsen Company replaces the CNN Center's
main atrium U.S. Flag!


Core values produce awardable results at W.S. Nielsen Co.


Core Values produce awardable results

at W.S. Nielsen Company.


W.S. Nielsen Co. is proud of our 35 plus year commitment to three core values: Safety, Quality, and Productivity.  These values have been the focal point of our construction department from the start.  We keep safety at the forefront because nothing is more important to us than sending our employees home safe, each and every day. 

In 2015, we are now more proud than ever; thanks to the Associated of Builders and Contractors, the W.S. Nielsen Company has been recognized in the state of Georgia and on a national level for its commitment to safety.  

W.S. Nielsen Company has received the ABC of Georgia’s 2015 Award for Safety Excellence; in recognition of exceptional safety performance in the year 2014.  This award is based off the criteria of having both DART and LT rates of half the national average or below. 

W.S. Nielsen also received the 2015 Diamond Level, Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Award, in recognition of the company’s Diamond Level of achievement and its ongoing efforts in the development of a quality safety program.  The STEP award is based on several criteria including:  20 Key Components Score, Low Incidence Rate, and a low EMR (“mod factor”).  W.S. Nielsen Co. Achieved the highest level possible at Diamond, surpassing our previous award of Platinum-level STEP.

W.S. Nielsen commends its staff and crew for performing at such efficient and safe levels, on a consistent basis, to achieve these high awards.  We are proud to put “Safety First” and the results show.  W.S. Nielsen Co. looks forward to working towards surpassing these levels of safety into the next year, and beyond.   

Flashback Friday! Project Highlight: Ivy Manor Canopy



       Project Highlight: Ivy Springs Manor in Buford, Georgia (2012)

The Ivy Springs Manor was a project that started in 2011 and completed in 2012.  The project idea and focus was to create a living center for senior citizens that felt more like a home and less like a hospice.  This design concept was brought to life by the architects at Wakefield Beasley & Associates.  A part of this design is a majestic, wooden framed entrance canopy stretching across the front entrance and drop-off area.  


This canopy was furnished with CPI Daylighting’s U-lite Polycarbonate Glazing System, with aluminum purlins; all of which was installed by W.S. Nielsen atop the wooden trellis structure.  The canopy provides the incoming family members a safe, dry, and elegant entrance that encompasses the look and feel of the entire building.  W.S. Nielsen is proud to have been a part of such a unique and successful project.  

Location: Buford, GA
Owner: Pinpoint Commercial, LP
Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates
General Contractor: WDG Construction Group, Inc.
Scope: Canopy Engineering, Material Coordination, and Installation
Framing: Wooden Trellis
Skin System: Monolithic Translucent Flat Sheet Polycarbonate
Manufacturer/Product: CPI Daylighting’s U-Lite System
Canopy Size: 38’ x 29’ 


W.S. Nielsen Office Field Trip!


The W.S. Nielsen (WSN) Office Family took a field trip last week!

The W.S. Nielsen (WSN) Family took a field trip this week!  With the rain moving out and summer moving in, it was the opportune moment to get out of the office and on to the job site; giving our office employees a chance to see where the rubber meets the road.

Hennesy Jaugar of Buckhead
Our first stop was in Buckhead, at a current project where one of our crews is installing a structural glass fin wall that stretches over 22 feet vertically!  Big thanks to our crews for doing such a great job!

Hennessy Jaguar of Buckhead
Hennessy Jaguar of Buckhead
Hennessy Jaguar of Buckhead
Next stop for the field trip was downtown Atlanta, where we were toured through CNN center to see some of WSN’s past renovation work on the building.  It was a great oppurtunity to show our newest employee, Kayla, the diversity of services that W.S. Nielsen Co. provides.

CNN Center Atlanta
Also while in downtown, we had a chance to look at W.S. Nielsen’s previous work on: The College Footbal HOF, The World of Coke, GA Aquarium, National Center for Civil and Human Rights, The Hyatt hotel, Georgia Tech Campus, and more!

College Footbal Hall of Fame
Georgia Tech EBB
All in all it was a great day out of the office for the "office crew" and we are looking forward to the next one!

Want to make your next project a part of the W.S. Nielsen Field Trip?  Give us a call today, so we can help furnish and install what you need on your next project!  W.S. Nielsen specializes in unique architectural features including: Point Supported Canopies and Glass Systems, Skylights, Metal Mesh and Screens, Skylights, Sunshades, Translucent Polycarbonate Skin Systems and more!  From design to construction we are here to help any step of the way.

Project Highlight: Colorado Tower in Austin, Texas


  • About The Building: Colorado Tower is downtown Austin’s first "Class-A" Hi-rise Office Building built in the last ten years.  The Tower opened in December, 2014 and was developed by Cousins Properties in conjunction with Duda Paine Architects. Cousins commenced development of Colorado Tower in 2012 and immediately elected to build the property to Level 2 Austin Energy Green Building standards. Colorado Tower is a 30-level, 373,343 square foot office building that sits atop a pedestal garage structure. Colorado Tower is now the gateway to business in Austin’s historic Warehouse District and offers direct access to some of Austin’s finest dining, entertainment, theatrical & residential establishments.
  • About the Installation: W.S. Nielsen Company Inc. (WSN) is proud to have been a part of the Colorado Tower project.  WSN worked on the lobby floor, installing over 65 linear feet of glass fin wall system.  More specifically, the highly skilled crew led by foreman Joe Phelps, handled and installed 48 panes of glass, and 13 glass fins.  The structural glass fin wall system was designed and furnished by Sentech Architectural Systems.  This beautiful glass wall opens up the entire lobby to a seamless view of the streets of Austin, Texas.

Project Highlight: Mercer University Atrium Skylight Renovation


W.S.Nielsen Company Inc. worked with Uni-Sky Corporation to renovate and update the Atrium's old, decaying skylight.  

                                    Before                                                       After

AIA Atlanta 2015


Come join us at the 2015 AIA Atlanta Convention!

 Come check out all that the AIA Atlanta Convention has to offer!  AIA Convention 2015 is one of the largest and most exciting annual gatherings of architects and design professionals in the U.S. The people, the ideas, the environment, the setting—it all comes together for an experience that will supercharge your year.
The event will be located in the Georgia World Congress Center and will take place May 14th through 16th.

WSNielsen will be assisting CPI Daylighting and Velux with their booths, so come stop by! 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

- See more at:

ABC Awards 2014


We are excited to announce that WSN earned three ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors) Awards this year. 

Tom Dyson, our Renovation Sales Manager accepted the Award of Excellence for the Hyatt Regency skylight replacement in Atlanta, GA.

Rick Strickland, our Custom Products Sales Manager, accepted the Award of Merit for Bogan Park Aquatic Center in Buford, GA.

-- Pictured: Michael Nielsen, Tom Dyson, and Rick Strickland --

Michael Nielsen and Alicia Hughes accepted our 2014 STEP Award (Safety Training and Evaluation Process). This award is very important to us, because safety is our #1 priority.

Great job team! 

Bogan Park Aquatic Center


WSN recently completed the renovation at Bogan Park Aquatic Center in Buford, GA. The roof is made up of CPI Daylighting Structural Ridge Skylight and Wall Lights providing maximum light for the pool area. Bogan Park Aquatic Center is now open to the public and is looking more beautiful than ever! 

Future Leaders


Alicia Hughes is the Construction Department Administrator for W.S. Nielsen Co. She has recently completed the 2013 Future Leaders Program for ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), Georgia Chapter. We have a great staff here at WSN and are thankful for people like Alicia that contribute to the success of the company! 

WSN Product Diversity Video


Watch as our office staff raps about our product diversity!

Hyatt Regency Hotel Renovation


W.S. Nielsen Co. completed the renovation of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The famous "blue dome" and the Atrium Skylight were both restored and the final product turned out amazing! For Restoration work, please call Tom Dyson at (770) 475-7321.

2013 STEP Award


W.S. Nielsen was awarded the "2013 Gold STEP Award" and "Georgia Award of Safety Excellence" for our low rates of on-the-job accidents and for demonstrating the highest commitment to safety! At W.S.N. we are committed to keeping Safety our #1 priority!!

Bogan Park Aquatic Center


Our staff visited the Bogan Park Aquatic Center to get a glimpse of the progress on the CPI Structural Ridge Skylight renovation. To the left of the picture is the old skylight and the right of the picture is what is being installed now. The difference is incredible. We are so excited to see the finished product soon. For more information on CPI or Renovations, call us at (770) 475-7321.

Sentech Inverted Point Supported Canopy


WSN worked with Lord, Aeck & Sargent architects on this Sentech Inverted Point Supported Canopy. Check out the article below!

Ron Clark Academy Xtreme Bedroom Makeover


W.S. Nielsen Co. teamed up with JE Dunn to give RCA 7th grader, Zaria Franklin, the bedroom and office of her dreams. She asked for a Greek Mythology theme and we did just that! Take a look at her gorgeous new bedroom and office we helped put together! We also surprised her mother with a bedroom makeover of her own! Special thanks to JE Dunn, Specialty Finishes, and US Textiles for their donations! To find out more information about the amazing things happening at RCA click here!

Construction Department Employee Appreciation Day


Mike Nielsen, President, hosted an Employee Appreciation Day for the Construction Department. The crew enjoyed a day of BBQ and shooting at the range!

ABC Award of Excellence 2012, SCAD Museum of Art


We were also presented the 2012 ABC Award of Excellence for SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) Museum of Art.  WSN teamed up with Downey Metal Products, custom metal fabricators, to assist in the design process of 300 linear feet of IPE wood louvers.

ABC Award of Merit 2012


W.S. Nielsen Co. was given the ABC Award of Merit 2012 for SANY America. WSN installed 48 Vaulted Skylights, providing natural daylight to 340,000 square feet of the building.

ENR Best Projects 2011


We are excited to announce that we were awarded the 2011 ENR Best Projects Award of Merit in the Renovation category for our hard work at the Westin Peachtree Plaza following the tornado damage in 2009.

2010 ABC Award of Excellence


WSN was presented the 2010 ABC Award of Excellence for our job well done at CONRAC (Consolidated Rental Car Facility)

2010 Skanska, IFE Champion Award


WSN was given the 2010 Skanska, USA IFE Champion Award for the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

WSN Awards


WSN has proudly been given the following awards:

2013, ABC STEP Award (Gold Level)

2012, ABC Award of Merit, SANY America

2012, ABC Award of Excellence, SCAD Museum of Art

2010, ABC Award of Excellence, Consolidated Rental Car Facility

2006, ABC Award of Excellence, Woodruff Arts Center - HIGH Museum of Art

2004, ABC Award of Merit, CNN Center

2002, ABC Award of Excellence, Westin Peachtree Plaza

2001 & 2002, Naturalite Skylight Systems: Top Volume Producer Standard Products

1998 & 1999, Naturalite Skylight Systems: Top Volume Producer Custom Products