W.S. Nielsen has partnered with architects throughout the southeast for 40+ years. The process is simple: you create a concept for an architectural feature on a commercial building and send it to us.  All we need are dimensions and a sense of scope.  From there, W.S. Nielsen, along with our strategic partners, can offer design support and turn-key pricing.

The Benefit:
  • We free your time, allowing you to focus on the rest of the building.
  • W.S. Nielsen will provide tight specifications – we know how to support the design community. 
  • For public jobs, two other companies will be provided. 
  • As a basis of design, we go after the job competitively and help realize your vision. Bring us your napkin sketch.
Our Offer:
  • Turn-key-pricing
  • Design & engineering service
  • Technical data, samples, test reports
  • Constructability & construction time-line
  • Program calls with assigned Project Manager/Engineer/Designer