55 Allen Plaza

55 Allen Plaza is a prominent, Class A modern office town in Atlanta, also home to General Contractor, Skanska.  With Urban Heat Island (UHI) on the rise in Atlanta, commercial developers are doing what they can to help reduce the effect of the ‘concrete jungle’ on our cities rising temperature. 

To help offset UHI at 55 Allen Plaza, W.S. Nielsen installed greenscreen in the roundabout of the tower.  The freestanding system provides shade, functions as art, manages water runoff, creates a habitat for birds/butterflies, provides fresh oxygen and contributes towards temperature reduction by having less concrete – if it was on the tower itself, it would reduce heat influx by up to 25F.

Greenscreen has many applications and ways of being installed from canopy tops, to columns, fencing, screens and more.

  • Owner: Lincoln Property Company
  • Scope: Entrance/Art/Landscaping
  • Sector: Office Tower
  • Unique Features: Feature on Roundabout
  • Location: Atlanta, GA