Art for Art Sake

W.S. Nielsen represents Kingspan Light + Air (KSLA); pioneers of the UniQuad translucent wall system. UniQuad provides more light transmission and better insulation than dated fiberglass systems, which turn yellow after 10-12 years in the southeast. The Stitch Design Group wanted to create a building that would glow at night (a beacon) and provide natural, diffused daylight for artists and events during the day. UniQaud is the perfect system. Panels were installed around the building - some up to 31’ tall. Spans were at 10’ and the translucent wall system provides a U-Factor of .26 and of course a ton of daylight. UniQaud is a twin-skin (outer and inner layer) system which is very durable and can be specified in any colour. It also works well with graphics and branding. What’s really interesting is viewing the building at night. You can actually see silhouettes of people moving about in the building at night – in essence, creating art – a building that is alive. Adam Sebastian of the Stitch Group said it best: “The building could have been all glass, but it wouldn’t have had the uniqueness or the creative quality that we wanted it have.” Note: this is not a W.S. Nielsen project, but with KSLA, we can design, engineer and install similar in our market.