Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

Greenscreen has many applications.  On the Marriott Gateway hotel at the world’s busiest airport, W.S. Nielsen installed greenscreen, along with posts and clips (turn-key) as a freestanding fence. The fence was designed to hide HVAC equipment and the loading dock.  When vines mature and fill in, a natural wall/barrier emerges.

We also installed greenscreen on the parking deck columns to break up some of the concrete with greenery.  At the base of the system is Greenscreen’s ‘café series’ planters for the roots of the vines.  Planters will encourage the vines to grow up the columns.

Greenscreen helps reduce Urban Heat Island effect (UHI). Airports have a lot of concrete generating heat gain.  Any occasion to offset the concrete with plants helps reduce UHI.

  • Architect: Smallwood
  • Owner: Marriott
  • General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Scope: Fencing and Screening of Mechanicalk
  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Unique Features: Living Fense/Screen
  • Location: College Park, GA