Bogan Park Aquatic Center

The entire roof of the Bogan Aquatic Center is translucent. The problem is the product originally installed was Fiberglass.  Fiberglass does provide insulation and daylight when it’s new… but after 10-12 years, the product’s shiny surface wears off from UV and becomes vulnerable to moisture. Once moisture has penetrated the system, you see mold growth, the panels become yellow, dark and they start to produce a bad smell and they leak.

W.S. Nielsen’s renovation department assed the situation and presented options to the Center. We could have ripped out the existing fiberglass roof and replaced it like for like… but we would be back in 10-12 years to replace it.  We recommend QaudWall, a translucent glazing system which is the same cost of fiberglass, but doubles the life expectancy… a no brainer for Bogan Aquatic Center.

The 120’ x 70’ Quadwall roof system offers excellent light quality and insulation. Inside, the space is bright, airy, colours pop and the water looks blue, versus green under the yellow fiberglass roof.

Specialty Manufacturers like WSN are important to contractors, owners and architects because we offer many solutions AND can install.  Having been in business for 40 years, we known what works best for the project and long term.

  • General Contractor: Bryson Constructors
  • Scope: , Quadwall Translucent Ridge Skylights, Renovation, Removed Kalwall
  • Sector: Sports & Entertainment
  • Unique Features: Skylight Roof System
  • Location: Buford, GA