CNN Center

CNN has been a client of W.S. Nielsen for over 27 years.  Working directly with the owner for nearly 3 decades has allowed us to form a solid business partnership and many friendships. Because of the relationship with CNN, we have provided products and services which are out of our wheelhouse in order to help them out.  Our mission is to be the ‘Easy Button’ for owners, contractors and architects.

Through W.S. Nielsen’s renovation department, led by Tom Dyson, we replaced old acrylic skylights with better performing laminated glass; we reglazed windows in the atrium, replaced vertical glass wall panels around the perimeter of the building, installed new mirrors in the gym and even hung a new 30’ x 60’ American Flag in the atrium held up by steel cables attached to the building’s steel frame. 

In 2007 a rare weather occurrence happened… a tornado ripped through downtown Atlanta and the CNN Center.  The tornado pressurized the building, buckling skylights, blowing off parts of the roof and blowing out the glass elevations around the perimeter.  To bring the building back to code, we had to redo 90 % of the work we did 12 years prior. 

We look forward to the next 30 years working CNN and hopefully no more tornadoes!

  • Owner: Warner Media
  • General Contractor: CNN
  • Scope: Replaced glass walls, curtainwall, skylights and hung large American Flag
  • Sector: Corporate HQ
  • Unique Features: Glass replacement
  • Location: Atlanta, GA