Emory University

Let’s face it, concrete parking decks are both essential and eye sores… but they don’t have to be.

To screen the new deck from the community and introduce an element of nature and beauty, W.S. Nielsen company recommended a product we have been installing in the southeast for 20 years, Greenscreen.

Greenscreen is a steel trellis designed to have vines flourish… and they do!

Working with Gibson landscape architects, we furnished and installed greenscreen onto a post tension parking deck.  The install required additional steel supports not included in the original scope, due to the long span and the deck being post tensioned. We learned this on the jobsite, realizing there is a limited embedment space from which to drill into the deck without striking one of the post -tension members.

The steel was used to support greenscreen for the 2-story application and not impact the post tensioned system. As a specialty contractor, we have to be ready to be flexible and equipped with solutions. On this project it was designing on the fly.

Greenscreen can also be manufactured with a radius – perfect as a feature or to take the form of the building, as is the case with the Emory project.