Gladys S. Dennard Library

We see something we like architecturally and it inspires creativity. The architects we worked with on this project were inspired by a wave like canopy they saw on a previous job. We can do that… This entrance canopy was part of a renovation of an existing building and the addition of a parking deck. The canopy connects the parking deck to the entrance, defining the space and creating a sense of arrival. With government projects, we know budget will drive the design, which is why we recommended Kingspan Light + Air’s Pentaglass roof system. It’s light, bright and can be cold formed on the job site into the wave shape sketched by the design team. An entrance needs to be fun, eye catching and functional… results achieved. W.S. Nielsen is a Pentaglass certified contractor and we were able to deliver a turnkey system (on steel by others) on budget and time. The canopy was installed in perfect time for the ‘surf’s up catch the wave and read summer series!’