Home Depot Distribution Center

W.S. Nielsen is proud of our long-term partnership with The Home Depot, furnishing skylights to every single Home Depot distribution center across the country. Each location has between 150 to 400 skylights – the number varies based on location.

The Home Depot knows the value of daylighting, its impact on employees, the bottom line and the planet. Working with our skylight manufacturer, Kingspan Light + Air, we can dial in (with software: SkyCalc), estimated energy and money savings from skylights.

The skylights we furnish are both 5’ x 6’and the new 4’ x 8’. The prismatic design magnifies and diffuses light, reducing glare and the need for artificial lights – even on a cloudy day.

Local roofers install the skylights and curbs we furnish throughout the country for each new Home Depot Distribution Center.  With Home Depot’s exponential growth, we are staying busy!