Hyatt House Charleston

Downtown Charleston has strict architectural control in order to keep it beautiful and new construction authentic to the existing. The historical society was involved with the design of the new Hyatt Hotel. They had a keen eye on keeping the new design consistent with old Charleston architectural and history - everything must look old.

W.S. Nielsen’s role was to install architectural louvers and custom mesh screens on multiple stories of the brick parking deck to reduce car light pollution, and have the building not look like a parking deck.  For durability, the louvers were powder coated and engineered to withstand coastal elements.

In addition to the louvers, WSN also installed 4 single slope glass skylight units over the pool on the adjacent hotels.

Installation was challenging because of how tight buildings are in downtown Charleston and the amount of tourist traffic.  We had to close down lanes of traffic and use a crane on top of the parking deck so we could install the louvers and screens, working around 4 sides of the building.

  • Architect: Cooper Carry
  • Owner: Hyatt
  • General Contractor: DPR Construction
  • Scope: Screens and louvers on parking deck
  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Unique Features: Ventilation, architectural, light pollution reduction
  • Location: Charleston, SC