Jaguar Land Rover North Point

Jaguar/Landrover are premium luxury brands. Architects know luxury brands of cars need showrooms which reflect the expensive cars on the inside. The design of the new North Atlanta called for massive structural glass walls on the Jaguar side of the showroom. When it comes to structural glass walls, W.S. Nielsen is the go to specialty contractor for this highly specialized type of glass wall system. Partnering with glass engineering firm, Sentech, we came up with a modern, industrial look suited for the Jaguar side of the showroom. The point supported spider bracket offered the look the dealership was after for the 22’ x 45’ walls. Working with glass panels this size is a challenge… they are heavy, expensive and require a certain set of skills that storefront guys don’t have. We know how to install safely, fast and realize the architect/owner’s vision. The result is true vision from the outside to the inside and vice versa. This was the goal. People driving by the showroom see the beautifully designed cars on the inside through our glass walls and they are emotionally lured in. We should be getting a commission on cars sold, but unfortunately that was not part of the contract. Premium luxury glass walls, cars and a specialty contractor to make it all happen.