Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s new medical facility in Kennesaw boasts two beautiful canopies.  Brasfield & Gorrie contacted W.S. Nielsen looking for a value engineer option to a glass top on the main entrance canopy.  Because we represent many manufacturers with different products, as a specialty contractor, we are masterful at Value Engineering. 

Value Engineering is where we study drawings and bid documents and look to see if there is a smarter, more efficient way of achieving the design team’s intent.  Sometimes we recommend completely different systems, such as the canopy top at Kaiser.  Kingspan Light + Air manufacture a translucent roof system called ULite.  This product let’s in natural daylight like glass, but is a fraction of the weight, requiring smaller steel columns and foundations.

ULite can be transparent like glass or translucent with a colour.  For the canopy top, Ice White was selected because it helps block visible city grime.

The large 75’ x 20’ main entrance canopy was installed on steel by others. Around the corner is a side entrance canopy, featuring the same ULite roof system, but with a gullwing design spanning out with enough clearance to accommodate ambulances.