Mall of GA

When it opened in 1999, the Mall of Georgia, combined an all-weather shopping experience with natural daylight throughout (creating a connection to the outside).  While the shopping trend has moved on from malls, Mall of Georgia is still incredible busy and successful… part of that has to do with the daylight.  

For 40+ years W.S. Nielsen has been the southeastern daylight experts.  A big part of our business is retail, airports and commercial office towers.  While new construction of malls has stopped, we are now returning to those spaces and re-glazing, repairing and offering new daylight solutions.

At the mall of Georgia, working with our partner Oldcastle, they designed, engineered and fabricated ginormous ridge skylights over the food court and throughout the spaces connecting the anchor stores. With large ridge skylights, we were able to flood natural sunlight into interior stores and create an outside/inside feeling.

The benefit of skylights is an increase in product sales along with a reduction in utilities.  With foot candle sensors throughout, over headlights shut off, resulting in electricity demand for artificial lights decreasing.  It’s a win-win for commercial property developers such as Simon Property Group.

  • Owner: Simon Property Group
  • General Contractor: DPR
  • Scope: repaired skylights at Dicks, Nordstrom and food court
  • Sector: Retail
  • Unique Features: Avoided replacement, extended life cycle
  • Location: Buford, GA