Mease Countryside Hospital

Parasoleil panels provide an instant architectural design impact on and inside buildings.  Not only do they impact the design, but they also have an incredibly positive impact on the occupants.

On the Mease Countryside Hospital, W.S. Nielsen installed Parasoleil panels along both sides of the pedestrian bridge linking the parking deck to the hospital.  We also installed panels along the façade of the parking desk stairwell.

The pattern selected for the project evokes the elements of nature. Nature soothes our soul and the intention was to create a relaxing space as patients and family members leave their car and enter the hospital.

Parasoleil comes with brackets and hardware for installation. Panels are powder coated, offering a 10-year warrant on finish and come in 50 standard patterns + custom… easy to design a sense of place.

  • Architect: Freeman White
  • Owner: BayCare
  • General Contractor: Haskell
  • Scope: Installed Parasoleil on pedestrian bridge and stairwell
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Unique Features: Screening and Art
  • Location: Tampa, FL