Newton High School

Lunch & Learns are an excellent way for a design team to learn about products.  W.S. Nielsen company delivers several product presentations: check them out and book one for your firm… [LEARN->].

After a presentation on Translucent Daylighting, an idea was sparked for the canopies at Newton County High School. The key element was to be natural daylight. 

W.S. Nielsen Company offers several daylight canopy top solutions. We recommended Pentaglas, a standing seam roof system which features a nano cell configuration along with a double toothed edge for strength.

Pentaglas can feature a tinted colour produced in the manufacturing process. At Newton County HS, green was selected.  On steel by others, W.S. Nielsen installed the lightweight roof system for the main entrance drop off canopy and several walkway structures, alleviating hallway congestion inside.

The Pentaglas product by Kingspan Light + Air, must be installed by a certified contractor.  WSN are masters of installing the product and know how to cold form the barrel-vaulted radius seen on the entrance canopy.