Porsche Atlanta Perimeter

The Jim Ellis dealership wanted to update and transform the feeling of their car showroom. The goal was transparency to the outside with a modern look consistent with the Porsche brand. Structural glass walls offered the look they were after for the renovation. Rick Strickland, W.S. Nielsen’s structural glass expert said “the trend for structural glass walls is moving away from the ‘spider bracket’ system into one where we can achieve more transparency with better performance.” By not having the spider brackets (requiring drilling though the glass at 4 points per bracket), W.S Nielsen was able to offer better energy performing glass. The structural glass system we installed is called Glass Supported Fin. The fins, which are crucial to the structure) are installed adjacent to the glass wall connected with designer stainless steel brackets – far less inconspicuous than spider brackets. The 24’ tall wall let’s in an abundance of natural light, creating a gallery feel for displaying Porsche’s luxurious sportscars.