The Ron Clark Academy (RCA)

RCA is a pioneering, world renowned, middle school in South Atlanta. Founded by Ron Clark and Kim Bearden, RCA is close to our hearts at W.S. Nielsen. 

Ron Clark has written numerous books, been on Oprah several times, is a reality TV star and of course teacher of the year… after year… after year.  Ron took proceeds from his first book to build a school out of a rundown block of warehouses in a not so attractive part of Atlanta. 

Mike Nielsen met Ron at a book signing event and the two made a connection.  Ron asked Mike, “what do you do?”  Mike replied, “we are in the skylights business”. Ron signed Mike’s book “thank you for donating skylights to RCA – we appreciate them, Ron”.  You can see where this write up goes…

W.S. Nielsen worked with General Contractor, JE Dunn, on several monumental skylights to bring daylight into the old warehouse building.  There are gigantic glass pyramids over halls and classrooms and a mono slope skylight over the two- story foyer, right over the 20’ tall dragon!

RCA is a non-profit and we do everything we can to support them and spread the word about this magical place. RCA is changing the lives of students locally and also around the globe by it’s train the trainer programme.

The new RCA performing arts center is now underway, thanks to Oprah’s $5M donation!  We are looking forward to being involved with Phase 2: skylights and canopies! And here is how you can get involved: GIVING (hyperlink: