Sany America

Daylight was a driving design factor for the new Sany manufacturing facility. Skylights allow owners to not rely on artificial lights.  By eliminating the need for artificial lights, there is less pull on electricity, which equivalates to a lower utility bill and helps keep earth green.

The 48 skylights on Sany are large, measuring 7’ x 90’ each. Inside the space it’s all lights off. Sany is a completely daylit operation… even on a cloudy day. 

There are always construction/installation challenges on job sites. With 40 years of experience, W.S Nielsen Company pulls on experience to figure out safe and productive install solutions.  For Sany, we could not rely on a crane to hoist the large skylights into position (something we learned on the jobsite). Reason being, there is a local regional airport adjacent to the building and a crane would be in the flight path if raised to high. 

What we were able to do was use the crane to place the skylights on the edge of the building.  From there, WSN created a track system on the roof like a railroad. The structural steel curbs and skylights were loaded onto a trolley on the track and then rolled across the roof and into position.  

Despite a tricky solution the roofer and General Contractor, The Conlan Company, were pleased with the installation and results.