St. Martin's Episcopal School

Today’s challenge with schools:  creating a safe place for students where they don’t feel like they are in a prison.  St. Martin had an existing and dated iron and brick fence around the courtyard, but it was not providing adequate security.  The school wanted more security and an architectural element – something that would be artistic and beautiful, versus traditional fencing.

Working our partner, Parasoleil, we priced, furnished and installed panels off a simple sketch. St. Martin’s selected a standard pattern (bb Leaves), providing enough open% rate for light, ventilation and connection to the outside, but yet it deters climbing.


With the old iron fencing removed WSN measured the existing space and figured out what was needed in terms of new structural support between the bricks to support the Parasoleil panels. Our job was to make the process easy.

The buffalo dime powder coat paint finish is durable, looks great and comes with a 10-year warranty.  Results – beautiful, safe & secure, new architectural fencing!