The Mall at Johnson City

W.S. Nielsen has a dedicated renovation team specializing in skylight replacement and refurbishment.  We assess daylighting systems on buildings and make recommendations to maximize life cycle.  Sometimes skylights can be repaired or reglazed. other times a new system must be designed, engineered, fabricated then installed.

The Mall of Johnson City has several sizes of pyramid skylights (8’, 12’, 23’) along with many single slope skylights all over the common areas throughout the vast shopping center.

All of the original skylights were made of fiberglass.  When fiberglass reaches the end of its life cycle (10-12 years), the product goes yellow, has dark fuzzy mold growing on it and it even smells.  The light quality is poor underneath the space. It’s proven that yellow light produces melatonin having occupants/shoppers feel tired.

Rather than replacing the skylights with more fiberglass, we advised them to go with a system called QaudWall with PentaGlass Polycarbonate panels.  The result, an incredibly bright shopping experience producing Serotonin, giving shoppers energy and having them feel great as they move between 90 stores.

Installation was tricky because it had to be done at night time when the mall was closed.  We lifted out the old system, tarped the openings and then started building the new panelized system.  Because the mall is so large, we are completing the project in 3 phases.

Feedback from shoppers, store owners has been excellent.  Everyone loves the new bright space.

  • Owner: Glimcher Group
  • Scope: Pyramid Skylight Replacement
  • Sector: Retail
  • Unique Features: Skylight Replacement
  • Location: Johnson City, TN