Uline’s new one million sq ft warehouse and distribution centre is lit completely by daylight.

Working with The Conlan Company, W.S. Nielsen furnished 470, 5’x 6’ prismatic skylights – prismatic to magnify light. The skylights are FM (Factory Mutual) approved, ensuring they the highest of standard and safe – in this case against 2” severe hail.

Our skylight provider, Kingspan Light + Air, can dial in how many skylights and the size, based on sq ft and ceiling height of the space.  The formula and technology used allows Uline to not depend on artificial lighting in the ginormous warehouse. Even on a cloudy day, there is enough foot candles of light to work in the space – light off. 

To maximize the affect sunlight from the skylights, the entire ceiling, walls and columns were painted white. This is not typically done in warehouse facilities. White helps maximize light reflection and distribution.

There are many benefits of daylighting for Uline: lower monthly utility bills for electricity, Natural sunlight boosts employee morale, excellent task light, lights off is better for the environment.